What you might not know is that when I started almost 60 days ago, I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about healthy eating, meal planning, and how to implement that into my family & I’s daily life. I knew nothing about any fitness programs that I could do from home, won’t take up a lot of time, won’t require me to dump my kids in a gym child care service, and won’t cost me a monthly fitness membership of $80-$100ish (crossfit, specialized studios… I’m not talking about a Snap Fitness type weight room).

I saw my friend post about an upcoming challenge group on Facebook which peaked my interest. After an actually really exciting chat with her, I picked up my fears and told myself that there is no better time than NOW. I’ve enjoyed every bit of taking part in this group, am so proud of myself for accomplishing things I never thought I was mentally, physically, emotionally, and YES, spiritually strong to do.

People started noticing the changes and have been asking me what’s up? What’s so different? I’m not one to push ANYTHING onto ANYONE, but I felt like people were starting to ask me for help. I felt like I could turn my”hobby” into an avenue to help those that have been asking, so I became a coach. Why not? I’m doing it anyways, why not share it with others who share the same interests?!This better health, mind, body business is pretty darn scary, AND OVERWHELMING!



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